Blair Equipment Rotabroach

Blair Equipment Rotabroach

You ever taken a drill bit and try to drill into sheet metal, especially a larger size? It is a pain, it’s sticking, it doesn’t work, it’s really frustrating. The way you do it is by using a Rotabroach® from Blair Equipment. Rotabroach® Annular tools cut clean, burr-free, round holes fast, unlike twist drills that push or hole saws that tear thru materials. Because they’re hollow, they cut around the edge of the hole, so less work is required and no deforming of material or jagged edges occur. Multiple cutting teeth are precision ground instead of stamped like hole saws, give long tool life.

The other great thing is the sizes they offer. You can get all the way up to 3 inches! If you’re doing any type of sheet metal work, home or garage, head over to

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