Hot Rod 65th anniversary

Hot Rod 65th anniversary

I’m in the Los Angeles Airport (LAX) right now after one of the funniest events of the year! Hot Rod Magazine turned 65 but it seems young for a mag with so much history. The staff decides to take on bringing back as many feature cars as possible and have them assemble in Pomona next to the famed drag strip.

Some of my favorites included:

  • The “McGee Roadster” the first deuce with a 3 piece hood, hidden hinges, angled spreader bar, and the inspiration for the famed LA Roadsters club!
  • Sniper, the green pancakes hood 53 Plymouth built by Rad Rides probably 15 years ago featuring Viper drivetrain!
    It was designed by Foose and sold at Barrett-Jackson in 2002 for a reported 162k smackeronies.
  • Buddy Bar Casting brought out an incredible Allison V-12 powered boat that cruised at 80 mph in the 60′s!!
    Damn, I love this boat!
  • ARP fasteners was the host for the Impaler and Thundertaker from our shop as well as some Strope cars.
    Thanks to Steve for helping put this trip together!

Many cars from the decades of Hot Rod’s pages were there with the articles on display. Like walking through the years of reading but in real life!!

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