“Triple Speed” Concept Bike

“Triple Speed” Concept Bike

Fuller Hot Rods announces the build of a one-of-a-kind, non-traditional sport bike trike. Utilizing all the latest in motorcycle service tools from OTC, Fuller Hot Rods will modify the front-end suspension and steering of a Triumph Speed Triple, recreating it into a performance, leaning three-wheeler.

Leaning Triumph Sport Bike Trike

The "Triple Speed" Concept Bike

The three-wheeler will be uniquely built to handle and lean like a traditional two-wheel sport bike thanks to TreMoto’s patented technology. When Bryan Fuller, owner of Fuller Hot Rods first saw TreMoto’s Monstrosity 620 with leaning vehicle suspension he said he immediately thought, “Wow, that’s how a trike should be made.” “The concept takes the perception of a trike to new levels – more nimble and fun to ride than your traditional trike”, says Fuller. Fuller Hot Rods will be consulting closely with TreMoto throughout the 14-18 month build. They intend to keep a lot of the original Triumph Speed Triple parts intact, due to its already existing fast platform and impressive handling.

To fully convert the Triumph bike, Fuller Hot Rods design plans include: reengineering of the bike’s front end to accommodate for two wheels and increased weight suspension/steering components; upgrading of the brakes to include a Beringer super light equipment performance braking system and ARP 12-point stainless steel fasteners; as well as modification of the front suspension to allow tires the ability to lean up to 30 degrees left and right.

Upon completion, Fuller Hot Rods and OTC expect to tour, attending major shows throughout 2014 and 2015. Shows include AAPEX, ISN, Barber Vintage Festival and PRI.

Triumph Speed Triple

The Original: Triumph Speed Triple

TreMoto Monstrosity 620

Leaning Vehicle Suspension Technology by TreMoto

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